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Cloth Diaper for $132!

The Frequent Email Inquiry:

Hello, I have a 7mo. old baby who I would like to start on cloth diapers. I don't like the idea of just throwing a diaper away every change. I'm very limited in money, but am willing to get started little by little. What I would like is to know if you can send me a free sample to try out or a few coupons in order to make my out of pocket expense less. I am looking forward to starting this new process and to see what other healthy/better choices I can make for my babies........

BumRite's Frequent Response:

Dear XXXX,

We don't offer coupons or samples because the economics of cloth diapering speak for themselves!  In financial terms, your ROI (return on investment) is about 2 months' worth of the CHEAPEST disposable diapers available on the market today.

Add up what you've already spent in the last 7 months -

I bet it is in the neighborhood of $500-$700!

If you are limited on funds, you should use prefolds and covers.    Shop here for options.

We suggest 24 Toddler Sized prefolds/FLIP inserts and at least 6 covers to diaper full time.

Here is a simple video of how to use a prefold and Pinless Fastener, called a SNAPPI.

You could get 6 FLIP velcro covers for <$60 and 24 OsoCozy prefolds for  $72
This will get you to the end of diapering at a fraction of your monthly disposable costs.For a tad bit more ($17.70), you could do 24 (8 - 3packs ) FLIP inserts instead of the prefolds

So - total of $132, you have enough modern, easy cloth diapers to full time cloth diaper your baby.

Don't you wish you would have started sooner?!  I am SURE that you have already paid more than that in disposable diapers.  Did you know that you are going to pay another $60/mo for the next AT LEAST 20 months (that's $1200).

So DO NOT delay.  You are wasting money and landfill space EVERY DAY.  Not to mention putting petroleum-based, chemically treated paper next to your baby's bottom 24-7 (I did that too, with my first son - but SO HAPPY that I learned about modern cloth diapers when my second son was born!)

Another (dated) PASSIONATE video on WHY CLOTH DIAPERS:

Still no cash today?

PayPal offers a 'BILL ME LATER' option that gives you 6 months to pay them back.

P.S. You should also add the Accessory Package that includes cloth wipes (save another $300-$500 vs buying disposable wipes)!

All the BEST - and DO NOT DELAY!

Angela Powell


2nd baby on the way - what's new?!

A letter from a past customer:

Hello!  I bought all my cloth-diapering supplies from you with my first child and now I am having another one late this year.  I was kind of checking out your site again and there seem to be way more options than before. 

With my first, I used Gro-baby(maybe) now Gro-via during the day and FuzziBunz at night.  
Also, I think I used some bummis covers over prefolds when he was really little. 
I am looking to add to my stash a little and have some things that I need to replace, so I am wondering of all of these wonderful options, do you have any favorites?  And what do you think are the best values for the price? 

I would like a few more for day and for night and I really need something for the newborn stage because it seemed like a lot of things were not great for little-bitty babies.

My Reply:
Congrats!  My boys are 4 years apart and play well together (5 and 9 now!).

Still a big fan of prefolds and covers for the itty bitty stage!  Thirsties Duo goes from 6-18 pounds , the Rumparooz cover is even smaller.  Perfect for the newborn stage!
RumpaRooz Newborn Cover $10

Still love the OsoCozy infant size prefolds (also my fave kitchen rag!)  

Although - GroVia came out with a deliciously soft organic prefold (but more $$$, I would get Size 2 to start, good for double stuffing later on).
GroVia Organic Prefolds Start at $8/3

GroVia Hybrid are still fabulous.  Just refresh your stash!

GroVia Leggings $14.95
And they have matching leggings!  

For nights, I would choose the bumGenius Freetime or bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper with hemp inserts.

We also have Organic crib mattresses now...

Naturpedic Organic Crib, Twin, Full and Queen Mattresses Start at $299
OH!  And take advantage of the Aden + Anais sale.

And get a BECO soft carrier so you can "wear" the baby while you chase the other.
And......  :-)


Why Cloth Diapers? BumriteDiapers Napa Valley Business of the Week Radio Interview was established in 2009 by a mom wanting to promote the use of wash-at-home modern cloth diapers that leave a baby's bum, the Earth and the parent's wallet in perfect harmony! is part e-commerce, part mom-support.

The website, Facebook page and blog aim to educate the public on the benefits of using the new, modern cloth diaper: Easy (to use), Environmentally Friendly, and Economical. has shipped cloth diapers all over the USA and World.  Customers from around the globe are figuring out that cloth is best.  And EASY.  These aren't your grandmother's cloth diapers!

I was so nervous to do this 14 min Radio interview on local Napa radio station KVON 1440.  The interviewer opened up saying, "Welcome, Angela" - and I said, "Welcome!" right back.  NERVES.  But I settled in. 

This interview answers a lot of questions about modern cloth diapers.

I hope that I made a good argument about the Economical, Ease (of use), and Environmental benefits of using modern cloth diapers. 

We had a lot of fun doing it, too!  Thank you, KVON radio, for choosing as your Napa Valley Business of the Week.

Let me know what you think!


Napa Valley Business Of The Week - BumRiteDiapers on KVYN and KVON radio

Proud of this little ad blurb. .  

"People want to talk poop, I'll talk poop."  HA!  Out of everything I said in a 45 minute interview, this is the statement they chose to highlight!   LOL.   Made me giggle.


Napa Business of the Week preparation - KVON and The VINE 99.3 Radio

Owning a business for almost 5 years makes one very comfortable shamelessly self-promoting one's business. 

I learned about the "Napa Valley Business of the Week" program on KVON radio from a Facebook post - and....nominated my company, to be featured.  lol.

Our local Napa Valley community needs to know that we are here!  A cloth diaper resource.  A Fellow Mom.  A Business Owner.  A Green Geek.  A Gardener.  A Coach. An ECO WARRIOR (that is what a friend recently called me).

The production manager at Wine Country Broadcasting asked me to assemble 5-7 sentences about my business in anticipation of our interview tomorrow.  I was proud of what I wrote - so I am sharing it here.  (I exceeded the max allowed characters, I am afraid.  But I am just so darned passionate about what I am doing....!)

----------------------------------- was established in 2009 by a mom (ME!) wanting to promote the use of wash-at-home modern cloth diapers that leave a baby's bum, the Earth and the parent's wallet in perfect harmony! is part e-commerce, part mom-support.  The website, Facebook page and blog aim to educate the public on the benefits of using the new, modern cloth diaper: Easy (to use), Environmentally Friendly, and Economical. has shipped cloth diapers all over the USA and World: Dubai, Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, South Africa, to name a few countries....Customers from around the globe are figuring out that cloth is best.  And EASY.  Now, we need to educate the Napa population.  These aren't your grandmother's cloth diapers!

For every child in disposable diapers, 6.75 trees will be cut down, 2,850 pints of crude oil will be used in making and transporting the diapers, and 1,075 pounds of plastic will be thrown away.  The average family will spend $2000+ on disposable diapers PER CHILD and add 2,000 pounds of human waste laden plastic "poo bombs" to our local landfills that won't biodegrade for 250+ years!   

Where are we going to put all of that?!

Cloth diapers are Better for Baby, Better for the Earth and Better for the Wallet.  And what is better than that?

Less rash.  Babies are changed more often.  Cloth allows air to circulate. 
Cloth and elastic hold in the "soiled matter" better than a flimsy piece of plastic-paper. 
Cloth is more comfortable for baby.
Cloth facilitates a better mind-body connection and, generally, a cloth diapered baby will potty train sooner than a child diapered with disposables.
Cloth is fashionable!

Human waste is flushed down the toilet (where it is treated at our waste-water treatment plants and returned to the eco-system) - not put in our landfills.

And....the financial aspect....

BumRite Birth to Potty Training Package
After writing this - I AM STOKED!  I love what I have been doing for almost 5 years.  I believe in it.  I love the challenge.  I love watching skeptical people's faces change when I explain the way it works and they actually see-touch-feel a modern cloth diaper.  OF COURSE!

Please help to spread the word.  Many people have no clue how far we've come in design and textiles.  The reasons to use Cloth Diapers are irrefutable.   DO IT with pleasure.  Have fun with it.  With parenthood.  It's a Journey.

Chief Bum - Passionate Cloth Diaper Advocate
Napa, CA
(707) 812-1286


Best One Size Diapers for a Small Baby

I just received a phone call from a stressed out mom.  She purchased a 24 pack of the bumGenius Freetime AIO diapers after reading several positive reviews.  She has friends who cloth diaper that recommended the Freetime in anticipation of Day Care requirements.

5 Days into cloth diapering her small 11 pound baby girl, she is distressed because they are leaking at the legs.  Her husband and her non cloth diaper friends are smug with, "I TOLD YOU SO" expressions on their face when she confesses her troubles.  This is not fair.  Newborns are the toughest to fit into a "One Size" diaper.

I always recommend a newborn diaper, or a prefold/cover combo for the wee-ones before they grow into a "One Size" diaper.  Here is an 11 pound 3 week old in a GroVia NEWBORN AIO diaper on the left and the GroVia One Size Hybrid on the right.  See the difference?!

Here is my response to her (and to the many parents in this situation):

Dear XXXX,

I am confident that your bumGenius Freetime will (eventually) fit.  One Size diapers have a hard time fitting any 11 pounder, contrary to how they are marketed.

But I understand your frustration and wanting to do something about it - NOW.   That is why we confidently offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on bumGenius (and GroVia).

Simply send the diapers back to us for a refund (Personally, I would keep 3 for night time use, doubled up with a hemp insert).

One Size Diapers for skinny babies:

GroVia One Size Hybrid
GroVia One Size AIO - Organic Cotton

You should try either the GroVia Hybrid OR the AIO.  Or both!  They both fit petite babies (and large ones, like my boy) fantastically.

Here is a picture of a 12 pound baby in the GroVia Hybrid. (Thank you, Facebook)

The GroVia Hybrid is nice because it is simply a trim, One Size shell with gusseted organic cotton soaker pads that snap in to place.  But you may also use ANY absorbent insert with the waterproof shell: a biodegradable disposable insert, prefold, fitted, tea towel....:-).  We used this system at our Day Care.

My new favorite "birth to potty training" organic cotton/hemp diaper - the BabyKicks Premium Pocket

This diaper is trim, and fits a tiny newborn as well as a potty training champ!

BabyKicks Premium Organic Pocket

Here is a great little package to try them all at a discount, before you fill out your stash:  Diaper Dim Sum.  It contains a variety of One Size diapers - 6 diaper changes total.  You cannot go wrong with any of the diapers contained in this package, but you will find yourself reaching for a particular one at the changing table.

BumRite Diapers' Diaper Dim Sum

At that point, you will know which diaper/brand to invest in to round out your stash.  We suggest 18-36 diaper changes.

Don't give up!  We will find a diaper that works for you, your family and your day care!


Chief Bum (Owner)


Diaper Service vs Wash at Home


Hello, I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and my husband and I were working on our baby registry when he brought up cloth diapers. Honestly, it had never crossed my mind to use them. But after reading about them on various websites, I am open to it and I do want to do what's best for the environment and our baby. He recommends using a diaper cleaning service while I say, why can't we just wash them at home? Do you have any thoughts on this issue?


Of course I would say to wash them at home!  But here are few, quick facts behind my opinion (vs Diaper Service):

Prefold and Cover


Cool.  Easy.  Snaps and Velcro!

Ease of use - A Diaper Service uses prefolds and covers (love them, do not get me wrong - but there are easier methods)

You can buy your own prefolds and covers to wash yourself AND KEEP for rags later.  (I just sold 3 dozen newborn prefolds to an auto-detail shop!) 
Get Started in Cloth Kit $163.99

Money - Service costs as much as disposables!  Or more.  Wash-At-Home modern cloth diapers will SAVE YOU $2000!

Carbon footprint - Service uses bleach to thoroughly sanitize diapers from many babies.  And lots of gas to deliver!
A MUST for cloth diaper users!

Poo - you still have to deal with it no matter which way you choose: Disposable, Service, Wash at Home (FLUSH down toilet, please!) 

We are in Napa, CA.  If you would like to make an appointment to see-touch-feel-learn, give us a call!

One last thing.  We are NOT opposed to disposable diapers.  They are useful in our super-hectic World.  But PLEASE use only good, non-chlorine, eco-friendly disposables: for your baby's Skin, for our Earth.  (Check out this system, the best of both Worlds:

GroVia Hybrid Diapering System


Angela Powell
Chief Greenskeeper
t 707.812.1286

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