Great Cloth Diapering Questions and Answers

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GREAT QUESTIONS and inspired, unedited answers

My diapers have poop-stains, what do I do?

1) dry in sun 2) spray Biokleen BacOut on them after you spray off 3) don't worry, they are diapers 4) occasionally use oxyclean or a bit of bleach (but don't tell anybody that we told you to!) with the wash cycle and double rinse 5) stop feeding your baby blueberries...

Why do Gro Baby Soakers take so long to dry? Any suggestions?

Gro Baby soakers are made with thick, thirsty layers of organic cotton. They take about as
much time in the dryer as a prefold. The Gro Baby shells make up for the long drying time of the soakers: they line dry (over the staircase banister) overnight.

Suggestions: 1) fast spin cycle 2) do another load of wash and dry with the next load of towels (laundry chores for a family never end)

Do I have to change my baby's diaper more often in cloth?

Yes and No. Babies in disposables typically are not changed often enough and that is why they can develop a rash. Disposables are so absorbent, that we forget to change them until the SAP gel (super absorbent polymer gel) bursts out and touches our baby's delicate skin. An aside: Those same little beads that hold extra water in your Miracle Gro Potting Soil are found in copious quantities in disposable diapers! "Green" diapers use less, including Gro Baby Biosoakers
(3 grams compared to 18-20 in some mass brands).

2-3 hours is reasonable, depending on how much your baby wets. No different than with disposables. Remember, especially with natural fibers like hemp and cotton, the more you wash, the better they absorb.

I am afraid to use my cloth diapers at night. I have a heavy wetter

We strongly advocate the use of a pocket diaper at night. The microfleece wicks away moisture leaving the baby more comfortable and you can adjust the absorbent layers within the pocket, depending on your baby's habits. We also suggest not giving fluids after 7pm to a toddler to help with bed wetting. We have been using a pocket diaper on Bodie at night since he was 6 weeks old (when he poo'd, we would change it). Once he stopped pooping during the night, we were able to put him in his pocket diaper at 6:30pm and not change it until he woke up at 7am the next morning. We use 1 FuzziBunz Med/Large microfiber insert backed by 1 JoeyBunz Premium Hemp doubler. Happy Heinys, in our humble opinion, are easiest to stuff: even with man-hands.

Why all this hype about detergent?

The detergents that we grew up with and that are marketed so prolifically to us contain all sorts of fancy "extras" that coat our diapers. We want them to be absorbent. Softeners and Fragrances coat the fabric. Brighteners and Enzymes break down fabric faster - we need these hard working diapers to last 3 years!

It is important to use the recommended detergent not only on your diapers, but on all your laundry. Those "extras" hang out in the washer and dryer and don't go
away between loads.

No BOUNCE or dryer sheets either!

We recommend Tiny Bubbles and Country Save Detergent. About $.25 per HE load. Dye, Fragrance, and Phosphate Free (why is this important? FISH. Some places, like Spokane and Seattle, WA have proposed legislation to ban the use of phosphates in all detergents. When they hit our rivers, streams, and lakes, the phosphates encourage algae blooms, which in turn, suck up all the oxygen. Plants and Fish die. Personally, we are fans of Salmon from the Copper River in Alaska. We choose Tiny Bubbles. We like Salmon.

Look at the color of the Copper River King!

How Many Diapers to you Recommend?

Depending on your system and age of baby. Like that answer? Seriously, from birth, we recommend 24 diapers. That is why we put together the Bumrite Favorites package. Or the Gro Baby LIVE Package. Or the bumGenius 20 count package. Any less and you will be asking too much of your diapers. If you washed your fancy Victoria's Secret Lacy Panties every day in Hot Water - how long do you think they would last?

My baby gets red marks where the cover meets his legs. Suggestions?

Every baby is different. Just like our bodies are different. Not everybody can pull off a G-String. Or we shouldn't. :-)
Just get used to how the shell fits your baby and adjust as necessary. Sometimes people find snapping down to the middle setting makes them fit better.

Sometimes, you will have to try several different diapers/covers to find the right one for YOUR baby. Diaper Swappers makes this learning process a little more bearable on the wallet.

My MIL/Mother/Friend/Husband/Wife thinks we are crazy for wanting to use cloth diapers!

Send them our way. We love to talk fluff. It really isn't a hard decision to make. Remember the three E's. Modern cloth diapers are:

I don't think I can do this!

Really? You gave birth (or watched your partner do it)! You can do anything. Any new routine takes time to establish. Have faith. Call us. Post questions on Facebook. We are here to guide you through!


  1. Doesn't anybody find it funny that there is a picture of salmon on a cloth diaper blog?

  2. Reading this post (it was on your company site) is the reason I tried cloth diapers!

    And I love salmon!


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