CBS News.com Diaper Debate: Should You Use Disposable or Cloth?

by bumritediapers November 4, 2010 6:47 PM EDT 


AH!  CBS News just posted a video/article on Cloth Vs. Disposable Diapers and I am fired up!

Diaper Debate: Should You Use Disposable or Cloth?
So - I had to write a (long) comment.  So many people are unaware of today's modern reusable diapers that they "poo-poo" the idea of going cloth!

Here is my comment:


Disclosure: I cloth diaper my son and I own a store (www.bumritediapers.com) that exclusively sells cloth diapers - so I am obviously partial to them.

I don't think this video did a good job talking about the actual cost of using disposable diapers. From birth to potty training a child will typically need 6,000 diaper changes. That equates to 2,000 pounds of plastic/petroleum waste PER child in our landfills. At $.20-$.40 each, you are looking at a total cost of $1,200 to $2,400 PER child. You can use cloth diapers on your baby from birth to potty training for as little as $175!

Think of the carbon footprint that is also involved in the processing, creating, and transporting of disposables. Some brands can hold up to 10 pees because of all the SAP (super-absorbent polymer gel) they contain. This is the same product that is used in potting soil to help retain water.

This video did not also show the new, reusable diapers that are available on the market today in a good light. bumGenius, FuzziBunz, GroVia - these are just a few of the brands out there that make a fantastic diaper that is as easy to use as a disposable.

Instead of going to the store, hauling the disposables to your car, lugging them in to your house, and hauling them back out in a plastic trash bag - you simply take them to your washing machine.

Regardless of how you decide to diaper your baby, poop belongs in the toilet so that it can be properly treated by a waste-water treatment plant (unless you wrap it in more plastic - then it won't leach OR biodegrade for 200 to 500 years!).

People just need to be educated about the choice that they make. And this video didn't help.

With the Ease of today's reusable diapers, the Environmental savings, and the Economical ($1000s) savings - why wouldn't a family choose a modern reusable diapering system?

Owner - http://www.bumritediapers.com
(707) 812-1BUM

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8618-504744_162-20021792.html?assetTypeId=41&messageId=10031127&blogId&tag=contentBody%3BcommentWrapper#ixzz14ME1WNFp

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