Cloth Diaper for $132!

The Frequent Email Inquiry:

Hello, I have a 7mo. old baby who I would like to start on cloth diapers. I don't like the idea of just throwing a diaper away every change. I'm very limited in money, but am willing to get started little by little. What I would like is to know if you can send me a free sample to try out or a few coupons in order to make my out of pocket expense less. I am looking forward to starting this new process and to see what other healthy/better choices I can make for my babies........

BumRite's Frequent Response:

Dear XXXX,

We don't offer coupons or samples because the economics of cloth diapering speak for themselves!  In financial terms, your ROI (return on investment) is about 2 months' worth of the CHEAPEST disposable diapers available on the market today.

Add up what you've already spent in the last 7 months -

I bet it is in the neighborhood of $500-$700!

If you are limited on funds, you should use prefolds and covers.    Shop here for options.

We suggest 24 Toddler Sized prefolds/FLIP inserts and at least 6 covers to diaper full time.

Here is a simple video of how to use a prefold and Pinless Fastener, called a SNAPPI.

You could get 6 FLIP velcro covers for <$60 and 24 OsoCozy prefolds for  $72
This will get you to the end of diapering at a fraction of your monthly disposable costs.For a tad bit more ($17.70), you could do 24 (8 - 3packs ) FLIP inserts instead of the prefolds

So - total of $132, you have enough modern, easy cloth diapers to full time cloth diaper your baby.

Don't you wish you would have started sooner?!  I am SURE that you have already paid more than that in disposable diapers.  Did you know that you are going to pay another $60/mo for the next AT LEAST 20 months (that's $1200).

So DO NOT delay.  You are wasting money and landfill space EVERY DAY.  Not to mention putting petroleum-based, chemically treated paper next to your baby's bottom 24-7 (I did that too, with my first son - but SO HAPPY that I learned about modern cloth diapers when my second son was born!)

Another (dated) PASSIONATE video on WHY CLOTH DIAPERS:

Still no cash today?

PayPal offers a 'BILL ME LATER' option that gives you 6 months to pay them back.

P.S. You should also add the Accessory Package that includes cloth wipes (save another $300-$500 vs buying disposable wipes)!

All the BEST - and DO NOT DELAY!

Angela Powell

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